Week 2, Day 1

Sometimes you do something not for its own sake but in direct reaction to something else. I can't help but feel like that is what my approach is going to be this week. I don't so much have a clear idea of what I want to do as I have a clear idea of what I don't want to do, which makes me wonder if they are really the same thing.  It seems odd but I don't actually think I have ever worked everyday for an entire week on one thing, in terms of my own art, and my own self imposed deadlines anyway. It's funny how there are things I would never do while working for someone else that I regularly do working for myself. If I left as many things unfinished while on the clock of an employer as I do on my own time I think I would have fired me a long time ago. This double standard bothers me. Maybe that's why I keep doing these projects, to push myself to be better. Or at least to better understand the importance of diligence. Some principals are transferable. If you learn them in one context you can easily apply them to another. Diligence is like that. Once when I was feeling very overwhelmed with a project a very wise person told me that diligence was a slow consistent chipping away and that everyone was capable of achieving it. The key was being to be consistent, which is easier said than done. The first thing you will find out if you make an attempt to be diligent is that somedays you will feel like doing something and somedays you won't. Some days will be easy and some days will be hard and on the hard days you will be tempted to quit, you will be tempted to not follow through. The most common hurdle you will have to overcome is simple everyday inconvenience. For now I just need to decide where to start.