Born in Chicago in 1971 Anthony Lewellen is a multidisciplinary art maker
working in various mediums, including drawing, painting, printmaking, installation
and more recently animation, video and projection mapping. In his formative years
he was an innovative figure within Chicago's graffiti culture and made a name for himself
in the Midwest and beyond hallmarked by street work that featured a simple, bold palette
and emotionally complex characters born out of direct observation and digestion of life in
the city. Lewellen’s work is always building upon a highly personalized visual vocabulary
that continues to evolve and grow. The elements of this enigmatic pictorial language are
quintessentially Midwestern and even more precisely quintessentially Chicago.
These elements consistently appear in his work regardless of the medium and seem
to evoke unspoken narratives written in the urban landscape like images torn from a book.
Lewellen has also worked commercially as an illustrator, designer and art director for more
than a decade and appropriates traditional commercial art techniques into his work.
He is now is solely focused on a personal studio practice and continues to live and work on
the city’s north side.