Week 1, Day 3

This might be it for this part. It’s pretty well along for this size. Once I redraw it at it’s final size of 18” x 24” I’ll be able to work out a few things that are still not where I want them to be. I’ll also be able to refine some details that are not worth sorting out here. I like drawing in blue pencil when I’m near the end of locking in a sketch. It helps to separate it out from the older pencil work and is somehow visually soothing.

Even though it’s come quite a way from the original 2” x 3” sketch it’s still clearly the same idea. I may not always have the time to fully work something out but regardless I find a way to get an idea in some tangible form that I can come back to later. These little thumbs I do whenever and wherever something strikes me as interesting. I’m always surprised what can come of the simplest scribbles.