Week 8, day 5

Patience is pretty much invaluable as far as I'm concerned. It improves everything and detracts from nothing. The problem is that so much in our society is about doing things quickly and speed is given priority often at the cost of depth, quality and thoughtful consideration. The worst part of which is the kind of flurry of anxiety that comes with the pressure to get things done fast.

A society the values the imeeditate so highly runs the great risk of being short sighted and can very easily lose its context. The most obvious paradox I have found in this is simply that trying to do things in this manner more often than not leads to more mistakes and poorer choices that require more time to correct in the long run.

This kind of detachment seems perilous to say the least. The funny thing (not really) is that as I sit at my drawing table I often feel this pressure seeping into my thinking, even when I am working in relative isolation. It seems it is something in the air, collective anxiety constantly knocking at the door.

To be anchored in you're thinking to the contrary is no easy task. You will be swimming upstream so to speak.

Even so, More and more I have become convinced that to produce anything of real value in both strength of character and craftsmanship alike takes time.