Week 8, Day 7

There is such a big difference between the work of art and the work of art. Very closely related but by no means the same thing.

I love good food but I would rather cook than eat. I'd rather be the guy in the kitchen than the guy at the table.

Making for me is inherently more fulfilling than consuming in just about every sense.

Work can be life and life can be work and not in a bad way.

I would have a hard time selling something that cost me nothing.

Perhaps that's why I work at being good at what I do.

There is a proverb that that comes to mind often when I'm making things, "In all labor there is profit".

It's simple, but profound and I do believe it has application in a monetary sense.

However, I feel there is a greater profit from our labor that is much more valuable than money. 

Hard work refines your character. The ups and downs, the struggles, the problem solving, the creative solutions inherent in taking on something and seeing it through developes something of value in the laborer.

Something you can't buy and something that is not susceptible to the fragility of econimics.

Strength of character is as good as gold. Regardless of how things look on the outside your stronger on the inside.

It's something worth pursuing in your work, whatever it is. 

Even if the work you do is making art and maybe even especially if your work is making art.

Hang in there. 

Week 8 complete.

The People Who Live Here Now
18" x 24"
ink, acrylic and spray enamel on paper