Week 6, Day 4

Hard to believe I’m already on week 6. It’s going by pretty quickly. It’s funny that the more I feel like I should know what I am doing the less I actually seem to know what I am doing. I’m sort of counting on that not being completely true otherwise I’m in a bit of trouble.

There is a part of me that feels like pressing onward is the best way to sort things out. I suppose the idea here is that as you move forward less important things sort of fall to the wayside like panning for gold.

The trouble is that I don’t actually know if that is true or not and the only way it seems you might be able to come to some sort of conclusion on that matter would be to try it for a time, not a short time either.

I don’t think a day; a week or a month would cut it. I’m actually not even sure a year would quite do the trick but I suppose it would be enough the get a sense of whether or not you were on to something.

Well, I should certainly hope so.