The journey begins, when you begin the journey.

After recently completing a series of daily drawings for 365 days, I’ve decided to take on another long term time based project as I continue to try to understand and explore the relationship between creativity and discipline and push myself further as an artist. I hope to build on all the things I learned through the drawing a day project as well as expand and expound on some of the images and ideas that came out of that exploration. Working and completing a drawing everyday for a year made me long for more time to work on one thing. I realized that more often than not one day was simply not enough to do everything I wanted to do and there were many times when I wanted nothing more than to be able to come back to something with the fresh perspective that only a good nights sleep and some time away from a piece could bring. I wanted to combine daily discipline and focus with more than one days worth of ideas, energy and inspiration. The next logical progression seemed like one piece a week, that is to create and complete one piece a week for 52 weeks which is exactly what I am calling this next project.  Again, I will be working everyday and again, I will be documenting and posting the process through various social media platforms as well as more thorough documentation and archiving on my own site. I expect it to be every bit as challenging as the drawing a day project and my hope is that it will be even more rewarding, both for myself and those of you who care to follow along or just peek in from time to time. Most of my daily drawing were smaller pieces in the 8” x 9” range but these will be considerably larger and I expect to keep them all at 18” x 24” but there may be times I may have to stray from a fixed format for some unforeseen reason or another. I know there is some question as to whether Sunday or Monday is the first day of the week but I have decided that I will start on a Monday and finish on a Sunday other than that it’s pretty straightforward draw everyday finish every week. It’s hard to decide when your ready to start something new and many times new things are thrust upon you with out any courtesies at all. Waiting for the right time always sounds so reasonable but I’ve found that reason is as subjective as ones taste in food or music and that having the capacity to reason makes it possible to always find a reason to do, or not do whatever you want. So I’m not at all sure that this is the right time to start I only know that I’m starting.